How to Apply for Social Security Benefits

  1. To better your chance of winning benefits, as soon as possible call an experienced social security attorney at Roberti, Wittenberg, Lauffer, and Wicker Law Firm (toll free 1-800-277.3003 or 919.683.2436). Once you contact RWLW Law Firm's experienced attorneys, we fill out the appropriate social security application. There are 4 categories of Social Security Cases:
  2. For your benefit, we submit the form to the social security administration district office and control the flow of information between the government and you.
  3. Within weeks you will get the decision back (Most claims are denied at the first application)
  4. If you lose, RWLW files an appeal. (We may or may not contact you when we file the appeal. It depends on if we need updates to your file.)
  5. If you are eligible for benefits, you will be contacted by the social security district office
  6. Do you need an attorney? Yes, you do when fighting for benefits you deserve. Roberti, Wittenberg, Lauffer, and Wicker Law Firm will take care of your legal needs. Contact Us.